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In today’s world, there are many people suffering and alone, whose only connection with others is via the internet. I too, called myself a hermit, but in reality it is far from the truth because we are never truly alone.

Ironically, it wasn’t I until I started gnosis that I could truly appreciate the meaning behind the Tarot card: The Hermit. All too commonly this card is misprepresented in Tarot divinitation where they indicate that this card represents isolation, or a person alone. Things could not be further from the truth.

Like all things esoteric, understanding is quite often hidden in plain sight as long as you have the proper keys to work with to find out those hidden meanings.

In the card, The Hermit, we see a robed figure, standing on top of a mountain holding up a light in one hand and a staff in the other. There are other mountains depicted in the far distance.

False Hermit

The mountain is a spiritual one and represents the inner work one has done. There are three such mountains whose peaks must be reached.

Samael Aun Weor’s advanced esoteric book, The Three Mountains talks about this and the Path of the Razor’s Edge that one walks in order to reach these peaks.

Unfortunately, in the modern age, the image of the “guru on the mountain” is all that is left of this ancient meaning, until Samael Aun Weor clarified it.

The staff represents the Kundalini energy that has risen the complete length of the spine.

The Light that the figure holds up is not for him to see, but for others, further down the mountain to see. It is the Light of the Christ Within. By holding up the Light, he is doing his Father’s will.

Are you such a seeker? Are you restless with the idea of growing up and owning a house, having a wife, a car, some children and a dog? Are you looking for something more? Are you looking for the light?

You are never alone.

If you wish to seek the light and find out true esoteric knowledge, visit Belsebuub’s site and find out for yourself what it takes to walk this spiritual path and what its goal truly is.

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