True Love's First Kiss

A few weeks ago I began to notice the strangest thing: there was peace in my heart. More importantly, I noticed there was a glow in my heart.

And then it happened.

She-who-is-in-secret, my beautiful Divine Mother, kissed me, ever so gently.

And so began my second round of repentance. Because once you have been kissed by Divinity you see, quite clearly, the filth that is your life.
It is also wonderful to know that I can still weep. I realise that it is because I see the horror of my darkness balanced against the Divine Light.

I am in the darkness, but I have been kissed. I can see how I just am an old toothless wolf pretending to be a dove, but in truth I must become a dove and stop pretending.

For those of you who have not read Flight of the Feathered Serpent then these words will seem strange. I would encourage everyone to read this book.

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