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Belsebuub Videos

Belsebuub has been releasing quite a few videos recently on his YouTube channel. I highly recommend watching them. Of course, you can also visit his site at belsebuub.com where there are plenty of articles to read.

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Astral Projection

Some friends of mine have been making some remarkably wonderful videos about Astral Projection that I’d like to share:

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The Bread

Some time ago, I wrote this little note to myself:

What does the bread know of it’s baker? If it paid attention the bread would know of the feel of the baker’s hands, but that is all. Unfortunately, bread doesn’t pay attention to the baker’s hands because it is asleep. Because of this sleep it is destined to be eaten. All men are dough, being kneaded and worked on at this very moment. Learn to pay attention to this, so that when you are baked you do not get consumed, but transformed into something else entirely. You will not only get to know the baker’s hands but you will begin to learn about Him and His domain.

From this I decided to write a story, but what actually appeared were two stories:

Feel free to critique or share as you see fit.

Exploring Self Will

I am a morning person. I prefer to be up and about greeting the day as soon as possible. One of my favourite things to do is to get out of bed, just before first light and make may way to the beach, 20 minutes away and go for a swim as the sun rises.More …

True Love's First Kiss

A few weeks ago I began to notice the strangest thing: there was peace in my heart. More importantly, I noticed there was a glow in my heart.

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Peaceful Warrior

I was just watching the movie 'Peaceful Warrior' and it is a wonderful introduction to doing the spiritual work. I found snippet particularly informative:

Socrates: "Everyone tells you what to do and what's good for you. They don't want you to find you own answers - they want you to believe what's theirs."
Dan: "Let me guess, you want me to believe yours?"
Socrates: "No. I want you to stop gathering information from outside yourself and start gathering it from the inside."
Dan: "What, are you part of some cult or something?"
Socrates: "People are afraid of what's on the inside and that's the only place they're going to find what they need." More …

Ami, Child of the Stars

In Belsebuub Forums (now closed) there was a post that gave a link to an absolute gem of a little book called "Ami, Child of the Stars" by Enrique Barrios.

Being an avid Kindle owner, I quickly converted it from it's natural pdf and have been delighted by the story it contains.

If you have ever read "Flight of the Feathered Serpent" by Armando Cosani or "Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson" by Gurdjieff you will immediately detect that this simple story is much more than that. I hope you read it and enjoy it as have I.

It's now part of a little 'treasure trove' of books of mine and thank the author (Enrique Barrios) heartily for his work.


Having contacted the author, I was greeted with communication from what I can only assume was his personal secretary. During our discussions, I gave him some information regarding this (and other) websites and was dismayed when I was confronted with the statement "To speak of Samael Aun Weor is a sin". Obviously, communication then halted. Aparently, the author is heavily ''into'' Gurdjeff and will brook no comments from other sources. How strange.

Self-Knowledge book

I found so many insights and wonderful helpful hints when reading Belsebuub's latest free eBook Self-Knowledge for Spiritual Awakening. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Self-Knowledge for Spiritual Awakening

In Self-Knowledge for Spiritual Awakening, Belsebuub writes of the personal study and self-exploration, in the timeless and ancient form of esoteric psychology, which allows an individual to embark on the incredible journey of inner transformation that leads to enlightenment.
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Gazing into the Eternal

Belsebuub has released his much aclaimed work Gazing into the Eternal as an eBook and is freely downloadable.More …