Poems allow our intellect and consciousness to find meanings that are otherwise difficult to

grasp and describe.

The inspiration for these poems came from reading the Sufi poet, Rumi, whose words inflamed my

heart enough to realise that my heart was singing the same song as his writing. So, the style

is Rumi-esque, but the words are unique, inasmuch that these words are paltry expressions for

what the Immortals have always known throughout the ages.

So, thanks be to Rumi and thanks be to the Immortals for these words.

A poem about the virtues of being foolish
An admission of guilt and repentance
A poem about mankind's actions versus divinity
The Barbed Heart
A poem about pleading with the Divine for a chance to change
The Constant Gardener
A poem about the need for constancy in the divine work
Grass in the wind
A poem about being flexible with life
A poem about the beauty of peace
The I
A poem about mankind's schizophrenia
Rag Doll
A poem about pleading with the Divine for stability
Waiting at the Dock
A poem about patience and peace
Many Times
A poem about awareness of the beauty of life

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