The Flower

Once there was a flower– the most beautiful flower in the world. People queued for hours, just for a chance to see this flower. Songs were made of it. Kings vied for the opportunity to host parties in its presence. People wept when they went to visit it. Hearts made of the most hardened stone crumbled into dust in its presence. No one was able to hate this flower. The problem was that everyone who visited it did not want to leave, and crowded around it at all times. This made it very difficult for others to be able to see it and arguments broke out.

Because it was so beautiful and so treasured, it was decided that this flower should be preserved for all time, so that everyone could marvel at it, from now and for years into the future.

So began a programme of cloning which started, ironically, by cutting the flower from its roots. The scientists were not dismayed however, when the original flower withered and died, because its cuttings lived on. People rejoiced as they were able to now view the flower in the comfort of their living room, because now everyone had their own clone.

At no time did anyone think to keep the flower attached to its roots. They were too busy doing what they thought best. Certainly, no one ever thought about collecting the seeds of the flower and having hundreds more of its offspring.

Everyone wanted that flower, forever.

Little did they know that God had a plan to make an even more beautiful flower from the seeds…