The I

I is an I that thinks it is the Only.
“I am this” or “I am that”.
The I is in love with itself, because everything I
hear, see, taste, touch, smell or do is with the I.
But the I is not the only I.
“I am hurt” never appears when “I am in love”,
nor “I am happy” with “I am sad”.
The I is like the musical scale.
Each is a unique note that combines and
blends with the other I
to become a cacophony of noise.
To be able to hear the music, you must hear each individual each note.
And when you find each note, you notice there is something else.
Something hidden.
A different song.
It is found in the silence, in between the notes, but also of the notes.
When you can hear that song the I is gone and the one true I remains.