Why do we build temples of stone and then line them with gold,
When the temple we must build inside our hearts, goes unfinished,
let alone the gold that we must clothe it in.
Why do we say that wars are evil and yet we celebrate wars passed,
When the war we must wage is inside us.
To uncloak the darkness.
To reveal the light.
To live a life of love.
This is our one and only task.
Why do we forsake it?

Why do we say we are free even though we let someone rule us?
Why do we not instead release our hearts from their cage?
To be free is to have an unfettered heart.
To love, limitlessly.

All the greatest questions have answers that can only be truly found within.
Within the heart.
Within the light.
Within the love.
Doubt these words if you will, but you will never know their truth if you don’t look.